Tx Group is the nation’s leading provider of private professional therapy services which is always open for new business partnership opportunities with leading therapy providers and other health related partners.

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Do More Together

We believe in a philosophy that together we can do more. In order to offer more and new services to our clients and patients we need other people. We believe that by working together we can achieve great things. New partnerships allow us not only discover and enter new market places but also let us to improve our technical skills, increase the knowledge within our organisation as well as attract and retain top talents.


We work with our partners to discover gaps in the market and opportunities for new services.


We work with our partners to develop ideas into brands with the potential to succeed.


We then fulfill the needs and exceed the expectations of our partners.

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Professional services in professional environments

We have a full team of professionals under one roof to help our partners not only to develop their ideas but also support them in other factors such as branding, marketing, administration, human resources, accounts, diary management and logistics. We work together with our partners to help execute their ideas.

Here in Tx Group we do not only build a multidisciplinary team of therapists that are experts in their field but also continue to invest into our services, staff, locations and partnerships to provide our clients with the best possible results.

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Opportunities for growth and development

Tx Group team of professionals are very open minded and innovative. We welcome individuals or organisations with great ideas that they want to execute but need someone's support and expertise in order to achieve the best results.

We provide full assistance and guidance to our partners so they can release their potential and develop an environment committed to providing opportunities for growth and development.

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Individuals, established companies & organisations

When looking for a business partner we want to work with individuals or organisations that enjoy exploring new markets, have great ideas and are interested in service development process. When choosing a business partner we are always looking for someone entrepreneurial and ambitious. We want to work with someone who spots the gap in the market and wants to take the opportunity to fulfill that gap.

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Assistance & guidance

Here at Tx Group we build partnership not only in business but also in life. We follow one simple principle when working with partners - together everyone achieves more. We offer our expertise in exchange of great ideas. When it comes to getting our partners businesses as successful as possible, our expertise in different fields and professionals under one roof in each discipline can help them whether it’s marketing, web development, admin or pricing. All our partners have great opportunities and access to finance to help them develop their ideas.

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Quick & nimble

We create supportive business structures and are flexible with our partners need. We can work with those looking for any of the following structures; joint ventures, partnerships, limited company, associates, or employment opportunities.

We make sure working with us is quick and easy. Having a team of professionals together under one roof means that we can increase our access to market and respond quickly to opportunities.

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Access our network

We have a record of creating successful business models and have many established therapy brands within the Tx Group, therefore, we have developed a huge network throughout the years. We help people with similar business ideas to start their journey with us by giving them guidance and access to our suppliers, clients, associates and employees.

Find out more

If you have a great idea and are interested in being a partner of Tx Group please get in touch with us and we will help you find out all the information you need.


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