The Bridge provide children and young adults with immediate access to a multidisciplinary specialist eating disorder service.

About The Bridge

The Bridge is a recovery service for people with eating disorders based in Manchester City Centre.

At The Bridge we have a full evidence-based multidisciplinary team of of mental health nurses, dietitians, psychologists and other professionals to provide patients with immediate access to the treatment.

The aim at The Bridge is to help patients develop a positive mental and physical well being and a healthy relationship to food, their body and their mind.

The Bridge offers initial assessments, treatment programmes, training, report writing and assistance at home and schools for people with anorexia, bulimia, restrictive food intake disorder, binge eating disorder and other eating disorders.

The Bridge Team Lead, Kerri Fleming
I want to help all my patients to develop a healthy relationship to food and their mind in order to achieve the best results. The Bridge Team Lead, Kerri Fleming


The Bridge vision is to improve the health of children and young adults by providing them with immediate access to an evidence-based multidisciplinary eating disorder service.

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Evidence-based therapy

The Bridge provide patients with the best clinical expertise and treatments for their needs.

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The Bridge provide people with immediate access to a specialist multidisciplinary eating disorder service.

Multidisciplinary team of psychologists, family therapists, dietitians and other health professions.

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