OT for Kids sole purpose is to produce positive results for every child who accesses their service.

About OT for Kids

OT for Kids is a nationwide, specialised private Occupational Therapy service for children. OT for Kids sole purpose is to produce positive results for every child who access their service.

OT for Kids therapists are carefully picked to ensure the best level of care and experience for every child, parent teacher, organisation and school that access their service.

Friendly and caring OT for Kids therapists have vast experience in providing a wide range of services to many different children as well as diverse therapies ranging from one to one therapies to group based therapies in clinic, at home or in school.

OT for Kids provide a professional and client centred service without long waiting lists. OT for Kids work alongside other allied health professionals including speech and language therapists and physiotherapists to provide every patient with the best possible care.

Young client stacking blocks.
I want every child we work with to achieve positive results OT for Kids Team Leader, Rachel Johnson


OT for Kids vision is to offer a seamless, accessible and high quality Occupational Therapy service to all children by providing the most up-to-date, evidenced-based assessment and treatment. OT for Kids aim to promote the awareness and understanding of Occupational Therapy and how it has a positive impact on childhood development.

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Brand Values

Key Statistics


children treated every week.

Martial arts practice.

increase in new contracts in last 12 months.

Stepping stones.

days waiting list.

Buttoning up a coat.

OT sessions from £150 per child.

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Brand Facts

Projectile throwing.

OT for Kids produce positive results for everyone they work with.

OT for Kids provides lasting, meaningful results.

OT Kids specialist working with girl on balance boards.
Jumping between platforms.

OT for Kids improves children's quality of life.

OT for Kids is delivered by a highly trained, specialist team.

Improving confidence for speaking to groups.
Little girl in clinical session.

OT for Kids are ambassadors for Occupational Therapy.

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