We are working hard to be recognised as the nation’s leading provider of professional therapy services. We are always on the look for employees, associates, and consultants and that help us achieve our our vision of providing high quality services.

Business Leadership

Kevin Parry Chief Executive Officer

Kevin founded Manchester Physio with John Bowden in 2007. Since then Kevin has gone on to add many more health and therapy brands to the Tx Group’s portfolio. Kevin earned a BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy from Manchester University in 2005. In the role of CEO Kevin combines his clinical experience with his business intuition to develop the highest quality therapy services for clients throughout the UK.

Steven Parry Chief Design Officer

After leaving Coventry University in 2004 where he studied Graphic Design Steven developed keen interest in front end web development. Steven has overseen the development of over 500 therapy brands. Steven has been instrumental in the creation of all brands of the Tx Group. Steven oversees a team of web developers, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and videographers and is responsible for all aspects of the Tx Group’s digital assets.

John Bowden Chief Operating Officer/Clinical Director

John completed a BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy from Manchester University in 2005. Having worked both as a physiotherapist in the NHS and as a Case Manager for HCML John entered private practise. Since then John has pioneered therapy services in the UK by developing evidence based treatments for adults and children with a range of disabilities. John oversees the day to day ongoing operations of the Tx Group. John is also the Clinical Director and ensures all services delivered, utilise the latest evidence base.

Ria Porter Director of Human Resources

Ria joined the Tx Group in 2012. Ria is a graduate of Psychology from Manchester Metropolitan University and holds a Level 5 CIPD qualification. Ria oversees all HR related issues across te Tc Group brands.

Milda Taraseviciute Digital Project Manager

Milda joined Tx Group in 2015. Milda is a graduate of Advertising and Brand Management from Manchester Metropolitan University. Milda is currently responsible for digital project management, account management, social media and marketing for all Tx Group brands.

Clinical Leadership

Cathy Field Lead Physio.co.uk Therapist

Cathy joined Tx Group in 2012. She is a graduate of Physiotherapy from Manchester Metropolitan University. Cathy started her career as a physiotherapist in 2006 at Ghana Football Club. Cathy is currently a lead therapist at Physio.co.uk and works with Neuro patients as well as oversees the rest of the neurologial rehabilitation team.

Kate Hindley Lead Physiolates Instructor

Kate joined Tx Group in 2012. Kate holds a degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Salford as well as qualifications in Sports Massage and APPI Pilates. Kate started her career as musculoskeletal physiotherapist at a private health care provider before joining Physio.co.uk as a physiotherapist. Currently Kate is a senior therapist and lead Pilates instructor for Physiolates.

Nikki Owen Lead CIMT Therapist

Nikki Joined the Tx Group in 2013. Nikki is a graduate of physiotherapy from Manchester Metropolitan University. Nikki started her career a physiotherapist in 2005 at Salford Royal hospital. Nikki is currently a senior paediatric physiotherapist at Tx Group and works in our Manchester clinics as well as leads CIMT service.

Katie Emmett Lead ‘Massage.Physio’ Therapist

Katie joined Tx Group in 2014. Katie has a degree in Sports and Exercise Therapy from Leeds Beckett University. Katie started her career as a gymnastic coach at Hyndburn Sports Centre in 2007 and later in 2012 she joined the Physio.co.uk team. She is currently a lead massage therapist at Physio.co.uk.

Bethany Parkin Lead Chiropody Therapist

Bethany joined the Tx Group in 2014. Bethany is a graduate of Podiatry from university of Salford now and is currently a lead podiatrist at Chiropody.co.uk. Bethany has a keen interest in podiatric surgery which she undertakes in clinic as well as leading the rest of the podiatry team.

Holly Sprake-Hill Lead OT for Kids Therapist

Holly joined the Tx Group in 2016 as the clinical lead for OT for Kids. Holly has a degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Salford and has previously worked as a lecturer in paediatric occupational therapy studies. Before starting at OT for Kids Holly worked as paediatrics occupational therapist within the Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Saliha Matarwala Lead SLT for Kids Therapist

Saliha joined Tx Group in 2015. Saliha is a graduate in Speech and Language Therapy from Birmingham City University. Saliha started her career in Birmingham working as an autism specialist in 2014.In 2015 Saliha joined SLT for Kids service as a paediatric speech and language therapist. Currently, Saliha is a lead therapist for SLT for Kids.

Rich Gregory Trinamics Service Lead

Rich joined Tx Group in 2015. Richard is a graduate in Sports and Exercise Science from Liverpool John Moores University and holds a Masters degree in Physiotherapy from Manchester Metropolitan University. Richard started his career as sports nutritionist at Wirral Metro Swimming Club and later in 2015 he joined Physio.co.uk therapists team. Currently Rich is a manager and lead therapist at ‘Trinamics’ where he oversees a biomechanics, human performance and coaching service delivered to athletes.

Oli Simpson MSK Clinical Lead

Oli joined Tx Group in 2014. Oli holds a graduate in Sports Science and Physical Education from University of Chester and holds a Masters degree in Physiotherapy from Manchester Metropolitan University. Oli also holds a diploma in Orthopaedic Medicine. Oli started his career as musculoskeletal physiotherapist in 2007 at Warrington Wolves Rugby Club. Oli is currently a lead Physiotherapist at ‘MSK Service’.

Niamh Gilligan Clinical Lead of Dietetics & Eating Disorders

Niamh joined Tx Group in 2016. Niamh is a graduate in Dietetics from University of Ulster. Niamh started her dietitian career working in the NHS as a rotational dietitian. Niamh later moved to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital to work specialise in paediatric dietetics.

Florence Goodwin Lead Prosthetics Therapist

Florence joined Tx Group in 2016. She is a student of Prosthetics and Orthotics at the University of Salford. She is currently a lead Prosthetic therapist at Beast Prosthetics.

Ali Shepherd Lead SLT UK Therapist

Ali joined Tx Group in 2016. Ali has a degree in Speech Pathology and Therapy from Manchester Metropolitan University. Ali started her career as communication support coordinator at Stroke Association and provided a support service for families and individuals who have been affected by stroke. Ali is currently a lead speech and language therapist at SLT UK.

Jennifer Hughes Lead Neuro Therapist

Jennifer joined Tx Group in 2014. Jennifer has a degree in Physiotherapy from Sheffield Hallam University. Jennifer started her career as a physiotherapist in Stockbridge Neuro-Rehabilitation Centre in Sheffield. Jennifer is currently a lead ‘Neuro’ physiotherapist at Neuro Service.

Chris Bowden Lead Orthotics Therapist

Chris joined the Tx Group in 2013. Chris has a degree in Orthotics and Prosthetics from the university of Salford. Since graduating Chris has built up a wealth of experience in both NHS and private practice. He runs clinics across the North of England. Chris is passionate about orthotics and is always looking to update the service with the latest innovations.

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