Tx Group purchase new head office

18th August 2016

Tx Group is nation’s leading provider of private therapy services. Always wanting to expand and improve – Tx Group have just purchased another property in Salford Quays that is planned to use for head office.

The new building is currently is shell condition but will undergone an extensive refurbishment to be befitting of the high quality services provided by the TX Group. The building is a modern Industrial unit with office accommodation over two floors office space. The property is centrally located and has good access to Manchester city centre, Salford Quays, the M602 road network, and has excellent public transport connections. Upon completion the new head office will have over 8,000 square foot of office and clinic space.

Tx Group has properties all around North West in areas such as Manchester, Stockport, Sale, Speke, Liverpool and Macclesfield.

However, having two central locations in Manchester, Tx Group said they want more and have just purchased another property in Salford Quays.

Warehouse panorama

Office space panorama

Chief Operating Officer and Clinical Director John Bowden was delighted to announce the new purchase to his employees and clients:

“The new property means not only more physical space for our people and services. For us it is also about the growth and development. We believe in continuous improvement and success and this is a great opportunity to shine!”   

The property has great potential. Firstly because of the location. Salford Quays is probably fastest growing and developing area in the entire city at the moment, with companies such as BBC and ITV moving and expanding around the area. Secondly, the new property is just amazing in terms of size which gives lots of potential to Tx Group to have multidisciplinary services under one roof.

We are very excited to see the development and the results of the property!


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