Tx Group launches Physiolates

26th July 2016

Pilates is growing in popularity all over the world. Many celebrities have recently been highlighted in the media for joining this fitness craze. It seems that everyone can’t get enough of Pilates but have you ever heard about Physiolates?

Tx Group is the UK’s leading provider of private professional therapy services and as always they did go that one step ahead from competition to offer something different for their audiences.

Physiolates is a well-developed service ran by highly qualified physiotherapists to bring one to one Pilates sessions as well as Pilates group classes. Physiolates is an excellent form of exercise designed to increase core stability muscles with the help and guidelines of physiotherapists who teach you how to incorporate all key elements in each exercise in order to do it right and achieve greatest results.

Physiolates is available and beneficial to everyone: people with clinical conditions, sports people, pregnant women or just people who are interested in well-being and want to improve overall health.

Our lead Physiolates instructor Kate, when asked about Physiolates, said:

“I don’t just work as an instructor here at Physiolates, I have a real passion for Pilates and I believe that anyone and everyone can benefit from it whether you have an injury, want to increase your sports performance or increase your general well-being. It is not just fashion or trend – it is the best way to help your body on day to day basis”.

Physiolates locations, classes and sessions are very convenient and accessible. You can find it in Manchester city centre, Liverpool and Stockport.

Have a look at our brand new Physiolates website


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