Tx Group launches new website

1st December 2016

Tx Group – nation’s leading provider of private professional therapy services – launches a brand new website.

The CEO of TX Group Kevin Parry was delighted to announce that the new website will be a new beginning for the company:

“We are pleased to have successfully secured our place in the market and seeing all our businesses running smoothly we wanted to go that one step further and introduce ourselves as Tx Group to people all over the UK”.

It had all started in 2007 when Manchester Physio was first opened. Since then many more health and therapy related brands were added to a Tx Group portfolio and now it accounts to over 24 individual brands and services all around the UK. Services include: occupational therapy, physiolates, physio, speech and language therapy, fitness and many more.

Kevin Parry is very enthusiastic about the future of Tx Group and is looking forward for new partnership and investment opportunities and many more happy clients.


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