Tx Group celebrate Christmas at Cirque de Lumiere 2015

18th December 2015

Christmas is one of the most exciting period of the year here at Tx Group. And how could it not be exciting when Tx Group choose the most amazing venues with the most spectacular themes and performances!

Cirque de Lumiere 2015

Cirque de Lumiere

This year Tx Group invited all their employees to Manchester Central venue. The theme of the event was Cirque de Lumiere which translates to Circus of Light and it was SPECTACULAR! Cirque based entertainment referring to highly-skilled professionals who will fling themselves through the air with exacting poise and elegance while partygoers are enjoying their Christmas dinner and drinks.

Kevin Parry the CEO of Tx Group said:

For me Christmas party is not just a celebration. I want to say thank you to all the team for their hard work by organising and planning it, ensuring it is the best possible venue and entertainment which they will never forget!

Cirque de Lumiere 2015 1 Cirque de Lumiere 2015 4

Alex Clapperton:

“What a night! I had the time of my life!”

Cirque de Lumiere 2015 2 Cirque de Lumiere 2015 5

Indoor Fairground?

We didn’t even know it’s possible! Cirque de Lumiere brought even more entertainment for partygoers after the bespoke menu from professional world-class chefs was presented. Fairground involved entertainments such as Dodgems, Waltzer, casino and Twist rides! Along with all that people could enjoy an open dance floor with brilliantly selected music to keep the mood at its highest.

Milda Taraseviciute:

“The night was amazing! Couldn’t of asked for a better Christmas party!”

Cirque de Lumiere 2015 3

Rebecca Pennington:

Thank you once again Tx Group! We won’t forget this one for a long time! “

We are looking forward to a great 2016. We wish all our clients. Employees and stakeholders a happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.


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